The reason why human beings can become the lord of all creations, is because they are at the top of the food chain. And this food chain selection is also the result of hundreds of millions of years of evolution, causing this to be a most critical factor.  

From the perspective of health care, if we absorb more animal protein, it will cause thicker blood. What if we lack animal protein? It can also cause the skin to lack elasticity and luster. If we do not eat vegetables for a long period, it will cause our hair to lose color and grey due to the lack of vitamins. 

Hair is also one of the human organs, and it also needs nourishing from nutrients. What we usually eat naturally determines the luster and dullness and color and shine of the hair.

For example, there is a type of hair loss called nutritional alopecia. This is caused by two factors. First of all, although diet structure may be normal, the human body suffers from digestive diseases, and the food eaten cannot be converted into nutrients in the blood through the spleen and stomach. Secondly, if the digestive system functions normally, however, due to long-term picky eating, the dietary structure appears abnormal. Over time, the body will lack the nutrients needed by the hair, resulting in yellowish, weak and soft hair, causing hair loss and early grey hair.

Generally speaking, for some people with hair breakage, hair loss, grey hair, white hair, and some people with sub-healthy hair such as frizzy, dry and soft hair etc., it is recommended to pay more attention to the food as follow:

Food containing iron

Iron is an important tissue component of hemoglobin in red blood cells. The lack of copper in the human body leads to a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin, and the decrease in hemoglobin directly leads to a decrease in the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen, causing the human brain to have insufficient oxygen. Hair follicle cells have a very strong demand for oxygen. If the hair follicle lacks oxygen, it will not only lead to an increase of dandruff, wither and yellow hair texture, hair loss, but also hinder the synthesis of melanin particles, leading to hair whitening.

For people with iron deficiency, especially those with iron deficiency anemia, they obtain iron from food. Iron-containing food in life

includes soybeans, black beans, eggs, fish, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, etc.

Food containing copper

Tyrosinase is currently known as an important enzyme for the synthesis of melanin particles, and copper is an important part of tyrosinase. Which also means that, if our body has a severe copper deficiency, it will lead to a decrease in tyrosinase activity. The decrease of tyrosinase activity directly hinders the synthesis of melanin granules, and white hair begins to appear.

Foods with tyrosinase that are copper-containing include lean pork, lean beef, lean mutton, rabbit meat, chicken, types of seafood: fish, crabs, clams, river snails; types of beans: soybeans, black beans, lentils, etc., and types of nuts: peanuts, walnuts, black sesame seeds, raisins, etc.

Food containing vitamin E

Vitamins shows the importance of this substance to life. Medical records regard vitamins as the basic substance for maintaining life, which plays a key role in regulating the metabolism, growth, and development of the human body.

Different types of vitamins have different effects on the human body. For example, vitamin E, which can inhibit free radicals, and is an antioxidant substance. If the human body is short of vitamin E for a long time, not only the skin is dull and lacks elasticity, but the body ages quickly, leading to premature aging.

For hair, vitamin E can promote the division of stem cells and inhibit free radicals in hair follicles, thereby achieving the effects pf preventing hair aging, keeping hair healthy and supple. Many types of vitamins cannot be synthesized in the human body and must be supplemented by food.

There are many foods that are rich in vitamin E such as fresh lettuce, green cabbage, black sesame seeds, etc. Especially black sesame seeds, which are important food for supplementing vitamin E, it is also a medicinal and edible substance in traditional Chinese medicine which should be eaten for a long period of time.

Food containing iodine

It is generally known that iodine is one of the essential trace elements of the human body, and it is also an essential substance to maintain the normal secretion of the human thyroid gland. The total content of iodine in a healthy human body is about 30mg, of which 80% is present in the thyroid. If the human body lacks iodine, dry and broken hair, hair loss and hair whitening will occur. For this group of iodine-deficient people, in addition to regular daily salt intake, it is best to follow the doctor's advice to obtain extra supplement from natural foods.

Food that contains iodine are abundant in daily life. Common food include seaweed, kelp, oysters and others. These seafoods not only contain high levels of iodine, but are also beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the human body. Other than that, we can also obtain iodine from various vegetables and fruits.

In summary, the author would like to remind the readers that in order to maintain healthy hair, we must start with diet therapy.