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Just as plants grow well when the land is good, hair grows healthy when the scalp is healthy. Through scalp care, hair can grow thick and healthy by facilitating the metabolism of the degraded scalp and balancing oil and water to delay aging and make healthy scalp.

The balance of sebum glands is broken by stress or wrong shampoo habits, resulting in excessive sebum secretion, which cannot be removed with regular shampoo, and if sebum is oxidized, it can smell even after shampooing. It is recommended to use a functional shampoo that fits your scalp and balance your sebum.

The dead skin cells form during cell division or form cells that die of aging, which is repeated.
These dead skin cells tend to disappear naturally or by cleaning, and if the frequency or scale of dead skin cells increases, there is a management method called scaling.
Scaling refers to artificially wiping the scalp using exfoliating agents to balance the dead skin mass.
As mentioned above, exfoliation is a natural phenomenon, and if it is severe, it may be due to incorrect scalp cleaning or dry scalp, so it is recommended to cleanse, apply moisturizing cream to the scalp, and undergo regular scaling.

The scalp problem cannot be improved with a single care because of the skin cycle.
Through steady care, you can expect satisfactory results when the function of the scalp is normalized.

Inflammation of the scalp is caused by excessive sebum secretion due to sleep disorders, so it is necessary to control sebum secretion through sufficient sleep.

The basis of healthy scalp care is cleaning that suits your scalp , and the purpose of shampoo is cleaning, so if you want to improve your scalp, please use a prescription program that suits your scalp.

It may be an improvement reaction from the process of controlling the exfoliation cycle through care and softening the wastes that have not been removed.
It's an improvement process and it's temporary, so you don't have to worry.

If you sweat a lot, excessive moisture discharge promotes aging of the skin, which causes aging of the hair roots , so it is recommended to use moisturizing tonics to balance oil and moisture.

After scaling, the nutritional stage that can activate the protective film of the scalp and stabilize the scalp can activate the scalp and rather promote circulation in a clean state.

There are three main reasons: 1) the type of natural skull developed, 2) the type of long-oxidized and tonicized, and 3) the case of circulatory disorders.
A care method is recommended to promote circulation and activate scalp function.

Hair loss questions

Since the skin ages, it is natural to take care of it steadily to maintain a healthy scalp for the rest of your life.

Frequent shampooing does not directly cause hair loss. However, the wrong shampoo method can cause hair loss by creating a problematic scalp.

A temporary phenomenon that occurs during care is called an improvement reaction , which is a process to become a temporary and healthy scalp, so after the improvement reaction , there are reactions that promote blood circulation and improve the scalp a lot.

During the change of seasons, temperature changes during the day can lead to metabolic imbalance. Moreover, in dry seasons, the balance of oil and water on the skin is easily broken, which can lead to a rapid transition to a
rest period.

Hair becomes thinner if hair matrix cells that make hair are not being activated or nourished smoothly. As the hair gets thinner and falls out, activating the metabolism of the scalp, so providing enough nutrition can prevent hair loss.

Heredity is an important cause, but it's not the whole cause of hair loss. The causes of hair loss are not only genetic, but also endocrine disorders and external stress. If you take care of your scalp steadily through strengthening your scalp, you can slow down the process of hair loss.

Gray hair can come out even if you pull it out. Gray hair has nothing to do with the main causes of stress-induced hair pigmentation and aging.
However, hair follicles can be damaged if pulled out frequently.

Hair transplantation is a hospital treatment that collects one's hair and transplants it to hair loss areas. For the satisfaction of hair transplantation, three things are very important : recovery of wounds, collection quantity, and fertility.
A firm and healthy scalp is essential to increase these three levels of satisfaction. It is recommended to manage both before and after surgery.

Hair loss nutritional supplements include substance to improve hair loss and therapeutic agents to improve the cause, and Dr.Scalp's Cystiphane is a supplement for it.
It can improve the direct cause of hair loss and help hair thickness, synthesis, and growth by essential nutrients necessary for hair synthesis.

Questions about using care products

Scalp products (Dr. Scalp products) are specialized products to improve scalp problems by characterizing the structure and characteristics of the scalp and the components suitable for the type of problem.
Regular products on the market are not intended for specific people, but they minimize specific functions and reduce specific responses to make them available to anyone, so there is a limit to improving the problem.

The scalp's products use a combination of several specialized ingredients that fit the structure and characteristics of the scalp. Also manufactured by scientific techniques for a best absorption to fit the structure of the scalp, providing the most ideal penetration and safety. However, natural ingredients such as milk and mayonnaise are ingredients that do not take into account the structure of the scalp, so it can improve scalp problems, but it can cause side effects. In addition, there is a limitation that the penetration cannot be satisfied because the scalp’s structure is not understood and made, and multiple components cannot be used at the same time.

Products made with only oriental medicine are safe, but they are inconvenient for their effectiveness , expertise , and speed of improvement . Ingredients used in scalp products are extracted from the same raw material as herbal ingredients, but specific ingredients are extracted or used to enhance the best effect. In other word, scalp-specialized products are processed and mixed in proportion to produce the most effective ingredients.

The purpose of exfoliating cleaning products is to professionally clean the problematic dead skin cells, aging cells, and waste products. However, in the case of problematic scalp, removing all dead skin cells rather sensitizes the scalp. Therefore, it is not waste that remains after using a professional scaling agent, but because it functions as a protective action for the scalp , what remains rather helps.

An improvement reaction may occur in the process of improving the scalp problem. This is the scalp's reaction in the process of solving the problem. Rather, the lack of any response is a lack of function to improve scalp problems. The Crisis for healing reaction is made in many forms. There are itching, hyperkeratosis, inflammation, temporary hair loss, and erythema.

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