Why is there so much hair sebum for androgenetic alopecia? This conclusion has to come from the source of the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands. Trichology tells us that sebaceous gland secretion is controlled by the endocrine system, and the main reason for male hair loss is that the levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are higher than normal.

Under the stimulation of hormones, sebaceous glands naturally secrete more sebum than normal. In addition, the size of hair follicles is inversely proportional to the size of the sebaceous glands. Small hair follicles and large sebaceous glands, naturally secrete more sebum; large hair follicles and small sebaceous glands, naturally secrete less sebum. Among males with hair loss, the hair follicles are small, the sebaceous glands are naturally larger than ordinary people and the sebum secretion is naturally more.

This logic is very clear, the high amount of sebum in androgenetic individuals, is not the main cause of hair loss. The main reason is that the levels of testosterone and 5α-reductases are both high, and a large amount of dihydrotestosterone hinders the new metabolism of hair follicle cells, leading to hair loss. The increase in hormones stimulates the sebaceous glands at the same time, leading to increased production of sebum.

Lastly, other than the above reasons causing the sebaceous glands to be sensitive and the increase in sebum, lifestyle habits such as stress, nervousness, staying up late, smoking, and obesity are also causes. Of course, if there is no family genetic factor, these types causing high levels of sebum will not beandrogenetic".